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Zenergy is an energy finance advisory firm serving investors and developers.

Our core focus is project financing of solar PV and energy storage assets.

Investor Services

Zenergy helps investors with project origination, fund formation, due diligence, and valuation.

Developer Services

Zenergy offers the project financing tools, investor network, and contracts needed to close your deal.

What We Offer

Zenergy is an energy finance and project development advisory firm. The company has advised on $302 million of energy investments over the last 8 years, representing developers, installers, and investors. Zenergy taps it deep industry experience, knowledge of market rates, and extensive financial network to help its clients make smarter decisions.

Zenergy is particularly experienced with raising project finance for small commercial projects from non-traditional sources.

We combine deep financial, technical, and legal expertise in energy project development with specialization in structured finance, project finance, tax credits, debt, and equity private placement.

Zenergy specializes in commercial energy, solar PV project development, and project finance.

We help developers design early stage projects, secure power purchase agreements, formulate project financing plans, and support efforts to acquire funding or sell the project.

We help energy investors evaluate project investments by conducting diligence, preparing investment models, and advising on structuring strategies.

Zenergy has been developing and investing in renewable energy projects for over 8 years. We think like an investor/owner but understand the installer/developer’s challenges. Client’s hire us to gain this insider knowledge and structured finance expertise as they pursue a deal.

  • Fund Formation & Raising Tax Equity 80% 80%
  • Energy & Project Finance Modeling 45% 45%
  • Sourcing Projects For Funding 95% 95%
  • Contract Templates & Negotiation 50% 50%
Zenergy Developer Services

Project Design & Financing Strategy

Formulating PPA pricing, terms, and project agreements. Defining target investors and shaping deals toward their preferences.

Raising Tax Equity & Other Funding

Zenergy will match you with co-investors, tax equity, and debt. In addition to fund raising, we handle pitch decks, structuring deals, and fund formation. 

Project Finance Modeling & Contract Templates

Models scenarios across technical specs, PPA & EPC pricing, and tax equity structures. Templates for PPA, EPC, ProjectCo formation, and funding agreements.

Fund Formation

Assist in structuring the fund, sourcing tax equity and debt, and preparing fund agreements.

Project Origination

Leverage our extensive network of developers to source new projects, while also vetting and modeling new deals.

Project Diligence & Valuation

Zenergy has led diligence of 150MW+ of solar projects, ranging from utility scale, to commercial, to residential portfolios.
Zenergy Investor Services

Zenergy’s Publications & Resources


Six Must-Have Legal Terms for Solar Developers

Solar Developers know that the shorter they make the PPA and Site Lease, the quicker the Off-Taker will agree to them. Obviously, taking out unnecessary legal language to shorten these agreements is good. However, we often see Developers remove terms they...

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Solar ITC Table: Eligible and Ineligible Costs

Developers and investors alike often ask us what costs can or can’t be included in the eligible basis for the Investment Tax Credit. Based on our experience and from diligencing projects at our sister investment fund SolRiver Capital, we decided to create a...

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What If My Solar Panels Aren’t Bankable?

Developers are often told to use "bankable" panels. But what if you don't? Can you get a project funded? The answer is yes. Below we explain how to make an investor comfortable with a project using newer possibly "unbankable" technology. To do that, we...

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Diligence Roadmap: Small Utility Scale Solar Projects

New solar investors often ask us for guidance on how to approach due diligence for a solar project. We decided to create the plain English solar project diligence roadmap below. It's more of a how-to-guide than a checklist. It outlines the issues that need to be...

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